The MICE industry has been growing over the past few decades into a mature business sector, driven by the globalization and increase in cross border trade. Especially within the Chinese culture, businesses simply cannot function in a fully effective way without the face-to-face meetings of the parties involved. More and more companies now understand that meetings, conferences and exhibitions are indispensable means of communicating their business messages, increasing sales and business development in China . With the onset of China’s economic powerbase, companies from all over the world are not just buying from China, they are also selling to China’s 1.3 Billion People. As a result, the MICE industry in China has been growing at a phenomenal rate. Trade shows and exhibitions in China are so popular that we have noted black market tickets for these events. In addition to providing MICE services in Beijing and Shanghai (the two largest MICE markets in China), Peregrine Travel Group also owns exclusive worldwide rights for selected industries (for conferences and trade shows in the areas of Travel, High Tech/Electronics, and Herbal Medicine) to the QuJiang Conference Center in Xi’an.

When it comes to conferences, meetings, events, seminars, exhibitions, and incentives, corporates rely on us to deliver the best! They have complete faith in the IDW , and those seeking memorable MICE experience know they can safely leave it to IDW- MICE to provide personalized service of the highest order.

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